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Level 1 Fashion and Textiles Courses (Sewing and Textiles)

Our Level 1 qualifications in Fashion and Textiles (Sewing and Textiles) courses are ideal for anyone looking to develop their knowledge and skills for the fashion and textiles industry. Learners will benefit from gaining the skills, knowledge and understanding to start a career in the fashion and textiles industry, and an introduction to specialist skills in the fashion and textiles sector.

At a glance

The qualification is delivered in face-to-face classes with a mixture of theory and practical elements.  There will be expert demonstrations of practical skills which learners will then practise in class with tutors on hand to guide and support.  Further practise and study will be required at home to perfect skills and techniques.  Learners will be expected to attend a minimum of one session each week in the centre, but individual timetables will be agreed with your tutor at induction.


Learners will complete 2-4 units from the list below, based on the rules of combination for the qualification. This will be agreed with your tutor at enrolment.

Design Principles in the fashion and textiles industry – In this unit, learners will demonstrate understanding of design principles through a range of design exercises, exploration of historical influences and their own design ideas. They will work to a design brief using a chosen design source and produce a final design outcome.
Soft Furnishing – In this unit, learners will develop an understanding of the methods used in the making of curtains and cushions and calculate the materials required. They will identify and evaluate the materials used, handle the tools required, including sewing machines, and understand the importance of safety in a workroom.
Surface Patterning – In this unit, learners will understand and develop skills in basic printing and dyeing methods and techniques. They will develop skills in embroidery to use as an embellishment on printed or dyed textiles. They will understand the importance of safety in the workroom.
Garment Construction (Craft) – In this unit, learners will develop an understanding of how to use a simple pattern, develop knowledge of craft construction and use basic sewing machinery. Learners will be able to understand the importance of the correct choice of needle and thread in relation to various fabrics and be able to identify machining faults and their remedies. Learners will develop an understanding of cutting, construction and pressing of a variety of fabrics and will know the importance of interfacing in garment making. Health and safety considerations will be paramount throughout the unit.

Progression Routes

Learners who complete our Fashion and Textiles qualifications can progress onto Functional Skills and employability courses, or study a variety of other courses within CTP or with external providers. Contact CTP for information on progression routes.

Common progression routes include

  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • T-Levels
  • Further and Higher Education
  • Into employment

Entry Criteria

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