Project 1

Case Studies

In this series of case studies, we explore the transformative impact of tailored support programs provided by CTP (Career Transition Partnership) in collaboration with various individuals striving to overcome barriers to employment and learning. Each case sheds light on the unique challenges faced by individuals and the pivotal role played by CTP in empowering them to achieve their goals and aspirations. From enhancing employability skills to obtaining essential qualifications, these stories exemplify the journey of resilience, determination, and eventual success in the pursuit of meaningful employment and personal growth.


Nasser faced numerous obstacles hindering his learning and job prospects: low confidence, literacy, and communication skills, compounded by caring responsibilities for his mother, employment gaps, and lacking references. Aware of the Way2Work program through word-of-mouth, he joined CTP Nottingham to receive Information, Advice, and Guidance (IAG) alongside employability support. His objectives were clear: enhance employability skills, update his CV, refine interview techniques, conduct a targeted job search, and secure employment.


Nasser has since gained confidence, improved his employability skills and has gained employment. He is working in a customer service-based role where he is using his verbal communication skills. Nasser has achieved his original goals and has gained many transferrable skills and progressed into employment. Nasser considered the support on his interview techniques as the biggest benefit of the support provided. He was able to build on his problem-solving skills and gained confidence and this has in turn improved Nasser’s well being and increased his self-confidence.


Ryan was referred to CTP from the Watford Job Centre. He had done various jobs, mostly retail and warehousing however he always had an interest in construction. Ryan was very keen to get into work, he had been applying for jobs in construction and was being turned down because he did not have any construction qualifications. He wanted to update his qualifications to remove the barriers he had to go into construction and to update his CV accordingly. He was enrolled onto the Skills for Working in the Construction and Building Industries course to open doors for him in the construction industry.


Ryan started learning about Skills for working in the Building and Construction Industries, he was surprised by how involved he got in the course and spent a lot of time learning in the CTP centre and at home. His confidence grew, and this was showing in his results. We also started working on his CV, his covering letter and his employability skills and he spent more time after class applying to agencies and local employers. Ryan completed the Skills for working in the Building and Construction Industries course and gained his CSCS Card. He has built a lot of confidence and is hopeful he will find work in the construction industry.


Rachael learnt about the Functional Skills programmes at CTP through a friend who had previously completed a English qualification with CTP Blackburn. She wanted to get onto an adult nursing course but had been rejected twice. Rachael had finally received a conditional offer to get onto the adult nursing course on the basis she gains a Level 2 Functional Skills Maths qualification. Rachael enrolled at CTP and completed the Level 2 Functional Skills Maths qualification. She was finally accepted onto the adult nursing course third time round to pursue her dream career in nursing.


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