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Explore our frequently asked questions to find helpful information and guidance on various topics. From enrollment procedures to course details and support services, we aim to address all your queries comprehensively.

I need my L2 maths/English qualification for university/college, can you help?

We offer Functional Skills qualifications up to level 2 (equivalent of a GCSE grade 9-4 / A-C).  Most universities and colleges accept level 2 Functional Skills qualifications, but you will need to check with your specific provider to ensure they will accept this. 

How soon can I enrol?

Contact your local CTP centre, we hold inductions sessions weekly, so give us a call to book a convenient appointment for you.

I work, can I still do my learning?

The great thing about learning with CTP is that all our English and maths courses are online and can be flexible to fit around your other commitments.  This means you can come to the centre to access help and support from your tutor, but you can also learn from home or work during the week as well.  We normally ask you to commit to around 10 hours per week, that could be in the centre or at home as well.

How quickly can I get a L2 maths/English qualification?

Each level is approximately 55 guided learning hours, but it will depend on which level you start at as to how long it will take you to achieve.

Everyone is different, so the first thing we will do is ask you to complete an initial and diagnostic assessment to tell us what you already know and where the gaps are that we need to teach you.  From this we will build an individual programme to help you get to the level you require.  On average, we suggest it will take around 12 weeks to achieve one level based on 10 hours of learning per week.

What can I expect when I come in for an induction?

When you come to any of our centres you will be greeted by our friendly staff and shown to your own computer.  We will have a discussion with you about where you are now and where you want to get to, then we can discuss how we can help you get there.  We will talk you through how the courses work, what learning in our centres is like and we will set expectations (what you can expect from us, and what we need you to commit to).  We will complete the registration paperwork, then ask you to complete an online initial and diagnostic assessment – this is not a test, but it will tell us what level you are working at currently and what we need to help you with.  We will then use this to build a personalised programme for you.  If you are happy with this, we will sign you up and get you started on your learning.

Do I have to pay for my course?

If you are in receipt of benefits (e.g. universal credit), and you don’t already hold the qualification, it is likely that the course will be fully funded for you up to level 2.  Book an appointment with your local centre to discuss the eligibility criteria and see if we can fully fund your course for you.

If you choose to progress to any of our level 3 vocational courses, we have funding options in place, including Advanced Learner Loans, which may mean you can apply for funding to support your learning.

If you are unsure, please speak with one of our helpful staff and they will be able to advise on your individual circumstances

What additional support do you provide?

Every programme is tailored to your needs wherever possible, so we always try to adapt our courses to provide maximum support to learners.  If you have a specific learning requirement please speak to our friendly centre staff who can advise you on the adaptations we may be able to make to support you in your learning.

A few examples of adaptations we have made in the past include using screen reader software, additional time in exams where there is evidence from a specialist, large print exam papers, use of coloured overlays and paper and use of a big keys keyboard and adaptive mouse.  For learners who are nervous about large groups of people, we can also arrange sessions and exams around our quieter times.

How do I access my learning?

If you log in to the CTP intranet (using the details we gave you when you registered), you will be able to access all of your course materials and learning from here.  If you are unsure, please speak to your tutor.

Can I book my Life in the UK Test with you?
No, whilst we are a LITUK test centre, you can only book your tests directly through the official website:
Do you do preparation for LITUK tests?
No, as a LITUK testing site we are unable to provide any preparation training. For more information about preparing for the LITUK test, please refer to the official website:
How do I make a complaint?
You can make a complaint by following the Complaints Procedure and completing the Learners Complaint Form. Please read the full document and follow the process set out in the Complaints Procedure. Click on the complaints procedure button to download the Complaints Procedure and the Learner Complaint Form.

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