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Level 3 in Networking and Cybersecurity Courses

Our L3 in Networking and Cybersecurity qualifications are intended for anyone preparing for employment within different roles in the digital and creative industries, and in other industries that require specific digital and IT skills within Networking and Cybersecurity such as finance, marketing, machining and manufacturing.

At a glance

This qualification is available at the following level:


The course will include the mandatory unit, and 4-6 specialist units to meet the qualification rules of combination.  These will be agreed with your tutor before enrolment.

Units include:

Project Management 

Learners will understand project management concepts and the processes and tools used by organisations to manage IT projects. They will learn about project management methodologies and use project management software to plan an IT project, track progress, and review the outcomes to determine project success.

Access Control 

Learners will understand the purpose and methods of controlling access to systems. They will learn about the concepts of identity, authentication, and authorisation, and explore how they are used to manage access control in organisations.

Data Communication 

This unit explores data communication, transmission methods and protocols that enable connectivity and transmission of data, including signal theory. Learners will learn why particular transmission methods are chosen for particular situations and be able to compare the effectiveness of these different methods. Learners will also be able to apply knowledge and understanding by connecting communication devices between users.

Ethical Hacking 

Learners will understand the role of ethical hacking in testing the security of networks, using techniques such as penetration testing and social engineering. Learners will also explore some of the tools and techniques used to identify vulnerabilities and the countermeasures that can minimise cyber-attacks.

Network Management 

Learners will understand network management functions and the tools and technologies required to manage networks. They will develop skills in interrogating a network to identify network assets and configure and carry out routine network management activities.

Network Threats and Vulnerabilities 

Learners will learn about types and sources of network attacks and develop the skills and understanding needed to plan and protect a network. They will also learn how to configure devices and software to improve network security.


Learners will understand the key components of networks, and will also learn about the protocols and the services provided by networks. They will explore the technologies and devices used in networking and be able to design and maintain a secure network.

Progression Routes

Learners who complete our specialist IT qualifications can progress onto further IT qualifications, Functional Skills courses, or study a variety of other courses within CTP or with external providers. Contact CTP for information on progression routes.

Common progression routes include:

Entry Criteria

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