Letter from CTP Director for CTP learners; Covid-19 response.



It has been a busy week at CTP head office. We have been planning for a few weeks now in case the moment came.

When we had to temporarily close our centres, but when the reality comes and the doors close for the last time, there was still that feeling of loss. Like many of you, we love coming into the centres not just for the learning opportunities, but also for the friendships we have made and the opportunity to catch up over a cup of tea. The prospect of a lockdown had us worried about how we would stay in touch with our learners and colleagues alike.

Not to worry, we have a great team who are now well under way with our plans for making sure you can continue your learning and stay in touch, but now from the comfort of your home (whether that’s still in bed, a makeshift office at the dining table, or on the sofa in front of the TV!).

Whilst learning may not be continuing quite as we had originally planned when you enrolled, we are confident that you will still be able to access high quality learning materials and expert tutor support to keep us all engaged in the coming weeks. I know our tutors have tried to make contact with everyone this week to let you know the plans we have put in place, from online learning to group WebEx sessions and 1:1 phone calls, but you can always contact your tutors by email, phone or social media.

So I ask you to bear with us whilst we get systems up and running, and most of all, I hope you stay safe and well until we can see you again back in the centres soon.

Sulcan Mahmood

Executive Director