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What you need to apply?

1. Personal Information: Name, date of birth, permanent and mailing address, email address, phone number, residency and citizenship information.

2. Educational Information: High school name, graduation date (or anticipated graduation date), including dates attended.

3. Course: As part of the application process, you will need to complete our course grid.


At CTP we help you to create a skill based decision to enable you to gain a suitable employment, considering your circumstances.

We provide a range of different helping hands to get help in job searching, writing your CV or simply amending it. We also provide access to a Careers Adviser. The Careers Adviser is available for you once or twice a week on weekdays depending on your location, to provide any help you need in preparation for job searching.

We provide access to training such as; IT, Maths, English, and Work Skills. Each course starts from the level which is best suited to you. After establishing your level of ability, we offer you the perfect course for you to achieve higher qualifications. We also provide you free internet access. This is only available for learners who are enrolled on to a course.

Employability is presenting your knowledge, skills and ability to a prospective employer.

Equality & Diversity

CTP ensure that each individual is treated equally and fairly in line with their specific needs such as: race, religion, beliefs, gender, disability or age.

Equality is also described as breaking down barriers and eliminating discrimination. It simply means to treat people in a way that is appropriate for their needs; hence it is based on the ethos of fairness whilst recognising everybody else is different.

Diversity is usually described as celebrating differences and being able to value everyone, accepting them for who they are.
At CTP we recognise that discrimination is unacceptable. We ensure that no learner, staff or visitor is treated any differently from one another whether this is based on gender, religious beliefs, age, political opinions, disability, or ethnicity. We always maintain this to the best of our ability. Embracing diversity means understanding, respecting and being able to value others opinions.To be able to create a productive environment in which each individual would feel respected and valued whilst learning, we try to understand their differences and embrace them for who they are.


Safeguarding are processes placed in order to protect people and makes them aware of their individual rights. Each and every individual has the right to be safe at all times regardless of who they are and what their circumstances are. CTP believe Safeguarding is about protecting people, they should be protected from influences of abuse and neglect.

At CTP Learning Centres, we are dedicated to providing a protected and secure environment for all learners, staff and each individual who visits our centres.
We have successfully recognised our main responsibility to safeguarding is the wellbeing of all people, children and susceptible adults. We seek to guarantee that it is policy and procedures to abide by legal requirements and provide suitable available guidance on good practice in safeguarding. We are aware that it is our duty to enable all staff and we carry this out to the best of our ability.


  • I had recently had my first baby and thought this was the opportune moment to change career. After researching many different careers, nursing was the one I felt the most passion for. However, I required my Functional Skills in Mathematics Level 2 to gain entry onto the course. I started with CTP Liverpool in March 2018 and Paul, my tutor, helped me greatly. He made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence to achieve my qualification. My University course starts in September 2018 and I could not have achieved this without Paul and the centre’s support.

    Amber, Liverpool
    Amber, Liverpool
  • My name is Sandra Hatten, I have been attending CTP in Watford for the last three months on the Functional Skills in English and Maths programmes. This course has been a big help to me as it has taken me out of my comfort zone at times and improved my confidence. All the tutors have helped me every step of the way. They have supported me through, good times and hard times. I am so glad that I joined CTP when I did! my only regret is that I did not join earlier, it is such a brilliant place to learn. I would encourage anyone who would like to learn to come here. The tutors are excellent, they make everything so relaxed and enjoyable, am so glad that I attend here.

    Sandra, Watford
    Sandra, Watford
  • I have spent a fair amount of time in the centre over the last 2 years. I recently suffered a nervous breakdown, which resulted in struggling to get out of the house and I thought I would have to stop studying altogether. Zeenat kept contact in with me all the time. When I was ready I was welcomed back and supported fantastically. The tutors always have time for the students and provide fantastic support. I will always be grateful for the assistance in getting back on my feet again and achieving the qualifications I needed

    Dianne, Blackburn
  • I have really enjoyed my time at CTP, the staff are really friendly and helpful. I have loved the flexibility and being able to learn at the time that suits me. The online assessments and learning are enjoyable and very easy to follow. The support from the tutors really do help. Zeenat and Meena are always available to give help and guidance and there is always a pleasant atmosphere in the centre.

    Shanaz, Blackburn
  • I am so appreciative of CTP, as I was able to gain a qualification in Maths Level 2. This has helped me to get into college to study Nursing and Midwifery. My tutor always had time and patience for me and I will always be thankful for that. The atmosphere at the centre is one of the main reasons I kept returning as it filled me with positivity and gave me the confidence to continue.

    Natalie, Nottingham
  • Queeneth came to CTP earlier this year, so that she could complete a series of learning in Mathematics. She had no maths qualifications, and felt by achieving a Level 2 qualification she could expand her career and further education choices. Queeneth explained, however, that she desperately wanted to conquer her fear of working with numbers and, in particular, taking a maths test. Queeneth informed staff that her biggest fear was not performing calculations; her fear was completing the test. “Whenever I tried maths tests in the past, I just went blank and became immobilised. I never finished. Even now as I think about taking a test I feel afraid. I find it difficult to concentrate and my heart pounds at the thought of taking the test.” CTP staff explained to Queeneth about the online learning she would receive, whereby she could complete her work at her own pace, without anyone else looking over her shoulder, or picking her out in class to answer questions. She would also have support from tutors at the centre, to help her with any areas which needed development. On hearing that she could replay a section of learning as many times as she wanted, to ensure that she understood the section before moving on, Queeneth felt happy about signing up with CTP for her maths learning. Following months of study and support by her tutors, the day of the test arrived. Staff at CTP had previously agreed with Queeneth that she would be provided with facilities and a quiet area, away from other leaners, so that she could attempt the test without fear or distractions. Queeneth managed to complete the entire test and she waited nervously for her results. Staff were elated to convey to Queeneth that not only had she passed the Maths Level 2 test, but she had achieved a brilliant score of 100%! “I can’t believe that after all this time I have finally managed to sit and pass the exam! I thank all of you for the support you have given me, and I promise that I am not going to stop now. I want to continue with my learning. This result is very encouraging. I have told everyone that you guys are great!” We wish Queeneth all the best for her future endeavours.

    Queenet, Luton
  • leonora approached CTP in August 2017, as she had heard from a colleague that she could register for Functional Skills English and Maths at the learning centre. Eleonora worked in the Health sector, and it was a requirement of her work that she achieve Level 2 qualifications in both English and Maths. She would also need those qualifications if she wanted to pursue higher education at University, and obtain a degree to become a qualified Nurse. Following the initial and diagnostic assessment, Eleonora agreed with CTP staff that she would need to channel her energy into completing learning programmes at Level 1 and Level 2. With guidance from tutors, Eleonora elected to start with her stronger subject area – English, although this is not her first language. Eleonora completed both levels and learnt amongst other things about: reading for information, layout features and language techniques used in text, spelling and vocabulary, writing to suit purpose and audience, and how to take part in a discussion with, and present information to a small group people. Eleonora’s next commitment was to complete two levels of maths. She attended the learning centre weekly, challenging herself to work around being a wife and mother, and working full time at the local hospital. Eleonora practiced, calculated and recalculated until she was confident in her skills. Eleonora was finally awarded with a pass mark at all levels. “I am so happy that I have got my certificates. I was really surprised at the things I had forgotten, but the courses and excellent support from CTP staff have helped me to overcome these. I have told many of my colleagues about CTP and know that they will be equally impressed with the quality of support given. I would like to thank my English and Maths tutors for their hard work and support.”

    Eleonora, Luton