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What you need to apply?

1. Personal Information: Name, date of birth, permanent and mailing address, email address, phone number, residency and citizenship information.

2. Educational Information: High school name, graduation date (or anticipated graduation date), including dates attended.

3. Course: As part of the application process, you will need to complete our course grid.


At CTP we help you to create a skill based decision to enable you to gain a suitable employment, considering your circumstances.

We provide a range of different helping hands to get help in job searching, writing your CV or simply amending it. We also provide access to a Careers Adviser. The Careers Adviser is available for you once or twice a week on weekdays depending on your location, to provide any help you need in preparation for job searching.

We provide access to training such as; IT, Maths, English, and Work Skills. Each course starts from the level which is best suited to you. After establishing your level of ability, we offer you the perfect course for you to achieve higher qualifications. We also provide you free internet access. This is only available for learners who are enrolled on to a course.

Employability is presenting your knowledge, skills and ability to a prospective employer.

Equality & Diversity

CTP ensure that each individual is treated equally and fairly in line with their specific needs such as: race, religion, beliefs, gender, disability or age.

Equality is also described as breaking down barriers and eliminating discrimination. It simply means to treat people in a way that is appropriate for their needs; hence it is based on the ethos of fairness whilst recognising everybody else is different.

Diversity is usually described as celebrating differences and being able to value everyone, accepting them for who they are.
At CTP we recognise that discrimination is unacceptable. We ensure that no learner, staff or visitor is treated any differently from one another whether this is based on gender, religious beliefs, age, political opinions, disability, or ethnicity. We always maintain this to the best of our ability. Embracing diversity means understanding, respecting and being able to value others opinions.To be able to create a productive environment in which each individual would feel respected and valued whilst learning, we try to understand their differences and embrace them for who they are.


Safeguarding are processes placed in order to protect people and makes them aware of their individual rights. Each and every individual has the right to be safe at all times regardless of who they are and what their circumstances are. CTP believe Safeguarding is about protecting people, they should be protected from influences of abuse and neglect.

At CTP Learning Centres, we are dedicated to providing a protected and secure environment for all learners, staff and each individual who visits our centres.
We have successfully recognised our main responsibility to safeguarding is the wellbeing of all people, children and susceptible adults. We seek to guarantee that it is policy and procedures to abide by legal requirements and provide suitable available guidance on good practice in safeguarding. We are aware that it is our duty to enable all staff and we carry this out to the best of our ability.


  • Rebecca is 24 years old and also has a young child, it has been her intention to gain work as a nurse, her intention was to go to university. She attended the Centre from August to December, when she had attained these qualifications she then set up an appointment with her university. By gaining Level 2 in English and Maths, she has gained a place in university and starts in September 2013.

  • At CTP Blackburn I have received excellent support from my tutor which has kept me motivated throughout my learning.

    Jennifer - a learner at CTP Blackburn
    Jennifer - a learner at CTP Blackburn